Mom Burn

I am at the beach without children for this glorious Memorial Day weekend. I miss my children so much and keep seeing things that remind me of how much fun we would have here together.


Today I saw a mother walk to the beach holding 2 umbrellas, 2 beach chairs, a cooler, a bag full of towels and the youngest of their crew who didn’t feel like walking anymore, all while the kids held their flip flops.

I saw another mother arguing with her three children about why they had to wear sunscreen, all while trying to catch them and smear the lotion on them in record time – and then go through it all over again two hours later.

I heard a child crying the “tired cry” and watched as mom tried to console and encourage nap time under an umbrella.

And last but not least, I saw a mother playing referee after one child ruined the sandcastle of her other child, who then chased their brother around with murder in her eyes.

All of this while I sat still with no one to chase or feed or tend to…

Sunburn was my punishment for enjoying the gluttony a little too much.





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