Ant March in May

Your Snapple fact for the day – 

Did you know there are one million ants for every one person in the world. True story.

Every spring these little suckers get in my house and every spring I go on an ant rampage to get them out. 

I am standing in my kitchen waiting for the coffee to brew and the sun to come up.  In my morning blur I spotted five tiny ants on the floor.  I hear ya, five is no big deal. But I can hear the Jaws theme in my head and know their receiving line of cousins is around here somewhere.  I’m standing here trying to unfocus my eyes so I can find movement.  If the kids wake up, they will find their crazy-eyed mother holding a spray bottle like a mob boss with a vendetta.  

So if you come over and think you smell a clean house, just know it’s my Clorox death spray (it’s what was handy at the time).





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