Texts from a Singleton

With her permission, I want to share a friend’s texts with you.  This is a wonderfully sarcastic person who has devoted her life to working with children.  She is also a fun aunt who invites her nephews over for a weekend full of adventures so their parents can spend some quality time together.  With three boys to keep up with, I can only imagine they sleep for two days.

For the parents out there, the below is an affirmation of where the black circles, back aches and pizza orders come from.  You can’t explain to a singleton (someone without children) what exhaustion is because they have no concept of the energy you are trying to keep up with.  You can’t explain the frustrations to them because they have never found themselves trying to rationalize with a four year old.

What we can do as parents is sit back and laugh while the singletons experience a glimpse into the joys of parenting, and allow them to be baptized by fire so that they get a taste of our every day lives and maybe gain some insight into why we look crazy some days.

The first text came on Friday night, about two hours into the weekend…

I love these boys.  One of them asked if I could rock him.  Um sure bud, can you hold this box of tissues while I sob into my hands over how sweet you are?

The next text came around 8am on Saturday morning…

These boys have been up since 4:45am.  We ate breakfast an hour ago.  I’m going to take them to a playground, then bowling, then painting.  It’s going to be a fun day!

And another text around 2pm…

Holy hell.  This is not like school.

And another one around dinner time, 5:30pm…

Making pizza dough and sauce from scratch with ingredients from the farmer’s market.  Healthy, nothing processed, blah blah blah.  They don’t like the pizza.  It tastes weird.  :$

And again at bed time, around 8pm…

Just got them in bed.  Whew.  There are no words to describe the tired.

At 8:30pm…

Current situation – little one’s foot was hanging out of his sleeping bag so middle one bit his toe.  Oh. My. God.  That settles it, I’m going to need a house with more bedrooms for next time.

Having collapsed into a coma for a few hours, the next text came at 9am on Sunday after some much needed sleep…

I slept until someone body slammed someone else around 6am.  Extremely tired.  Hiking today.  

And the last text after they were safely returned to their parents…

I’m considering coming in late to work tomorrow.

 Weekends like this should be mandatory for high schoolers. Best birth control ever.




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