Thank you!

thank you! started less than a year ago, but has become such a fun part of my day thanks to you!  Over 10,000 of you, in 22 countries, have “listened” to me rant about my kooky, crazy parenting and the wonderfully random things that happen to make me laugh.

Parenting is hard.  It’s incredible and wonderful, but it’s hard.  There is no such thing as a perfect parent.  There is no manual to guide you through the ups and downs.  There is no way of knowing if your choices were right, even if made with good intentions.

But I see it all differently now.  The last few months have taught me to focus on the fun, to highlight the humor and not waste time with the worry if I don’t have to.  This site has provided a community of people who share their lives with me and take a piece of the single parent loneliness away.  I love the stories you send and that you try to make me feel “normal” – please keep them coming!

So thank you for reading.  Thank you for emailing.  And a big thank you for sharing this site with your friends and family.

Until the next misadventure…








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