OCD issues

I’m pretty sure I need professional help, y’all.

My sweet babies saw me folding towels from the dryer and offered to fold with me.  A sane person would accept their help and be grateful for their kind hearts.

Not me.  Towels are one of my few OCD issues.  I watched them proudly folding and all I could think was you’re folding them wrong.

“Wrong” is a strong word… just not right.

They put the towels in the closet with mine, then went off to play.  Now here I sit, wondering what kind of message I would send them if I refold everything, but more importantly, what kind of certifiable fruitcake lets that bother them?

I may fix it after they go to bed tonight.




OCD issues

One thought on “OCD issues

  1. Sheri Bryson April 9, 2017 / 1:24 pm

    My husband still can’t fold them the was I was taught by my mother. Plus my mother in law did it just like I do it. When my son went in the Navy, he folded the towels like he had been taught & that was right. Then my friend who spent 8 years in the Army & was taught by her mother who was in the Army for 14 yrs & they did it the correct way. So no you are not OCD….maybe you are….maybe I am 🙄😜! Just fold them the right way and they maybe just won’t even notice…my husband doesn’t.

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