Not so dry dreams…

The kids and I have a nightly routine, as most families do.  I ask them repeatedly to get ready for bed, they come up with every excuse in the book to stay out of that bed.  It’s usually the only point in my day that I am praying for patience with them.  If I don’t nag them to get ready, it’s 9pm before they get in bed.  If I nag them too much (or loudly), they go to bed with a monster mother and I can’t sleep because I feel like I’ve earned the worst mother in the world award.

But tonight, by the Grace of God, I watched as they got ready without any nagging, arguing or whining.  It was like witnessing a Christmas miracle.  I tried not to make any sudden movements that would distract them from their progress.

My son was brushing his teeth, the last step before the blessed moment when I could laynot so dry dreams down for the first time after a long day.  He spit and rinsed and showed me his pearly whites.  He wanted one more rinse, so he cupped his little hand and filled it with water.  But as he brought it to his mouth, about half of it poured down the front of his shirt.  He shut the water off, looked at himself in the mirror and said…

“Aw man!  My shirt’s all wet!  Now I’m going to have wet dreams!”

I told him I was getting a new shirt, but here I sit on the corner of his bed, laughing hysterically.  He has absolutely no idea why I thought it was so funny, and I’m sure he won’t think it’s funny when I tell this story at his rehearsal dinner, but oh my, the tears of laughter are rolling!

Sweet dreams everybody!




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