Heartfelt Thanks

A mother’s day is full of putting other people first.

I stay up late to do one more load of laundry when one of the kids is just dying to wear something from the hamper.

I get up early to make a breakfast that Picky 1 and Pickier 2 will actually eat.

I chauffeur to and from practices and play dates, even when I am desperate to put on the old fat pants and relax for a minute.

I brave the aisles of the grocery store on Sundays when everyone else in the area seems to be restocking their pantries as well, pushing a “car cart” that feels roughly the size of my SUV.

The bathrooms… how is it that little boys can appear to hit the water, but the next day you find their yellow spray has covered the entire toilet and surrounding tile.  I don’t like it, but I clean it.

But over the last month, I have been forced to put myself first for a change.  My heart is giving me some trouble.  There have been ambulances, hospitals, monitors, xrays and doctors offices for weeks…  I’ve been like an extra on Greys Anatomy, without any hot doctors to fix me.  It has been a scary, frustrating, roller coaster of a ride that I hope never to board again.  But it has shown me a few things…

The laundry won’t do itself, but it also won’t cause the world to stop spinning if it sits in the hamper until the weekend.

The Christmas lights that had to stay up a little too long because I just couldn’t get them down by myself, didn’t cause any accidents from gawking vehicles driving by.

Dinner doesn’t have to be a gourmet meal, the kids are happy with frozen dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets.

Dust provides a protective layer of insurance for your furniture.

Paper plates clean up a lot faster than china.


And the fear and worry that you think will swallow you alive some days can be eased by a simple hug from these little creatures who cause so much havoc to the orderliness you thought was important until you saw the bigger picture.

To all of my friends and family who have given big bear hugs and sent messages of love and support, I thank you.  It was extremely humbling to feel your prayers and well-wishes.  We are incredibly blessed to have you in our lives.





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