Underwire Wars

Mothers, I’m just curious …

Is there any greater moment in your day than when you come home after a long day at work… you’re tired… your feet hurt from the heels you know you shouldn’t wear but love… your make up has fallen about an inch below where you put it this morning, making racoon eyes where dark circles already exist… you have buttons imprinted into your belly from the pants that look cute but after a day at the desk have created a semi-permanent red waistline around your stomach… your good hair day is now flat and tucked behind your ears or in a messy ponytail just to keep it out of your face… 

But none of that matters because you’re home now and can live the fantasy you’ve been waiting for since 6:30am…

The feeling of the clasp unhooking, the release of the underwire and the freedom of throwing that bra on the chair without a care in the world.

It really does take so little to make me happy.

Deep sigh of relief…

Do men have a deep sigh moment like that?




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