Mulligan Monday

I put the children to bed early tonight with the hopes of getting some things done to start my week off on the right foot.

Silly me.

It’s only after they were dreaming of sugar plums that I realized we are out of bread for school lunches tomorrow (this is why I have to write things down as they come to me. Not on the list = not in the pantry).

It’s only after they were cuddled up with crazy bed head that I noticed the dirty clothes in their hampers (I was feeling accomplished after finishing it all today… good feeling gone).

It’s only after they were blowing their little snoring horns that I found that no one emptied their lunch boxes on Friday so the cheese is more colorful and aromatic than one would hope (I’m seeing Chick-fil-A in their future).

It’s only after the little angels went to sleep that I realized I’m going to need a mulligan on Monday.






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