My Brazilian

I want everyone reading this to understand how much I appreciate your time, your support, your commiseration and compliments.  Your encouragement over the last few months has touched my heart and I am forever grateful for you …

but you got trumped today by my new fan in Brazil!  I don’t know how on Earth you found me #1 Brazilian fan, but welcome to the crazy train! was a lonely, single mother’s way of getting a hobby that didn’t cost much or require sweating in front of strangers in spandex. I’m an Army brat so I have friends and family all over the world that are obligated to read my ramblings.  They even bring them up now and then over coffee or a call with a giggle and a “way to go!”.  They do a wonderful job making me feel funny or feeding me hilarious stories of their own…

but holy moly!  I don’t know anyone in Brazil, and they still clicked on the site!  I don’t know how on Earth you found me #1 Brazilian fan, but you seriously just made my week!

Estou animado!




2 thoughts on “My Brazilian

  1. T January 18, 2017 / 7:56 am

    Lol – I thought I was about to read a post regarding a trip to the spa and some wax!

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