State of Emergen-C

I feel like the entire country can handle weather, but it literally causes a state of emergency in North Carolina.  We become the needy chick of the nation who can’t southern-snowfunction with the mere mention of snow.

NY and CO are under many, many inches of snow right now, but I don’t hear anything about power outages.  We have 1/2 inch of dust and we’ve all got flashlights and candle sticks ready.

No where else in the country does the mention of snow seem to wipe the grocery store shelves completely clear of milk, bread and eggs.  We hoard enough dairy to make us all lactose intolerant.  And with the power outages, how are we planning to keep all of it fresh?

Oh, the irony.

What I do know is that Mother Nature’s bipolar tendencies come to life when she visits our great state.  In a few days they are calling for clear skies in the high-60’s.  So we’ll all go from movie marathons, excessive social media usage, a few books read and changing from pajamas into fresh pajamas every day … to short sleeves, enjoying the sun, taking walks at the park and meeting friends for lunch after a little yard work.

Then we’ll all be sick and in a different state of Emergen-C.

Better get it now before the shelves are wiped and all you’re left with is Flintstones vitamins.

Enjoy the laugh!






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