Colorado notables

A few things I’ve learned since arriving in Colorado. 

#1 – You can spot the tourists immediately.  They are bundled up in puffy jackets, gloves, hats, scarves, boots, hoodies and are still shaking under all of those layers from the icy wind.  

The locals have sunglasses and short-sleeved shirts on, and barely notice the breeze.

#2 – It is pointless to shave your legs because the second you walk outside, the wind kicks up, the goosebumps hit and the leg hairs grow.  

The locals must not get goosebumps anymore.  That or they are content in the furriness. 

#3 – Outdoor activities don’t seem to be reserved for the warmer weather.  I’ve lived all over the country and, in general, I just don’t remember seeing bicyclists in the wind and snow.  These people not only accept the challenge but crush Mother Nature in the race.

Those of us from Noth Carolina understand that a city must shut down with any sign of weather, with a finger hovering over the speed dial button to call the National Guard. Bicycling in the snow is like drinking hot chocolate at the beach in July to us – doesn’t make sense.

So basically, I’m not made to live here but I can certainly appreciate the Good Lord’s work while I visit!




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