Fly Duty

I had an exceptional day yesterday!  I spent the day making children smile, boosting their confidence, and awarding them for using their imaginations away from electronics.  I started this program at the kid’s school 4 years ago, and it is truly one of my favorite days of the year.  I  always leave smiling ear to ear, and already thinking up ways to make the next year bigger and better!

I am the master of ceremonies (although that sounds a little too important for my role in the day), so I tried to spiff up a bit before it began but the set up took priority.  When I welcomed everyone to the event, I hadn’t seen a mirror in several hours. I normally wouldn’t care, but standing in front of hundreds of people will make you wonder what they are seeing.

Is the spinach quiche I ate earlier still hanging out in my teeth?20161204_135233.jpg

Is this shirt tight in all the wrong areas?

Is the milk my child spilled on my leg earlier starting to smell?

Reasonable questions.  All good answers. But it’s me, so it can’t be that easy.

In my blissful state of ignorance, I’m feeling good.  I’m at the microphone talking to a room full of friends (it’s what I tell myself to cut the nerves), and made it through the program with no major, or even minor, mishaps.

Set up alone took 6 hours, so when it was over I was very ready to go home and plop down on the couch for quality time with my fat pants and fuzzy slippers.  The kids and I walked in the door to smell the most amazing smell.  My mother (the saint) surprised me with a crock pot of deliciousness ready to serve whenever we were ready to eat.

I was on cloud nine.  A great day, a great dinner and a great couch to watch whatever movie my great kids wanted to watch while I rested my eyes for a minute.

I went to my room to change my clothes and that’s when I saw it.  My zipper.  All the way down.  Open for anyone’s viewing pleasure.  I can’t be sure how long it was down, but I’m going to wager that the room full of friends knows me better now.

No one ran away screaming or pointing, so that’s a bonus, but I’m wondering how many “Bless her heart” comments I got on their way home.

My inner circle is now tasked with Fly Duty any time I speak in front of people.

Actually, if you’re reading this, you just got assigned as well.  Welcome aboard the crazy train!






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