Food, family and fat pants

Thanksgiving means alot of things to my family…

Spending six hours in the kitchen cooking our favorite recipies, and making the new one someone found on-line. Everyone picking and nibbling as we make the meal, so that by the time we sit down to eat we are half full already. 

Remembering those that have gone Home before us and taking a second to tell tales on them, both real and tall.

Laughing. Lots of laughing.

Racing to the bathroom to freshen up minutes before everyone arrives because your pajamas are covered in flour and whatever went flying from the blenders and beaters.

Hugging and kissing the relatives who come to town with exhausted enthusiasm.

Feeling the peace of prayer at a table full of people who love you, but are far more interested in what the kids are up to.

Leaning back with a moan after eating twice your normal amount, in pants that don’t allow for the sudden muffin top growth.

Praising the chefs for spending the day on their feet creating culinary greatness.  Promising that you loved what they made, the only reason it’s the only thing left on your plate is because you ate everything else too fast… uh-huh.

Following that statement with a plate full of delicious desserts that only make the button of your pants push into your stomach that much deeper. 

Then, the clean up.  The realization of exactly how many dishes, serving bowls, pots, pans, silverware, servingware, and bread baskets you used for this incredible meal, and how you would be willing to put a second mortgage on your home to pay someone to make it all go away.

And finally, that glorious moment when you are free to unleash the gut, take a deep breath and put your beloved fat pants on. God bless elastic waste bands.

Football and snoring ensue.  It’s the only day in my year that I take a nap, which is why I’m writing you good people at 1:30am.  

At the end of the day, my hope is that we walk away with new memories, stories and laughter that will make me smile until next year . 

So, in the season when our hearts grow a little larger, our spirits lift a little higher and family becomes the focus – may we all have one day free of differences and troubles… after the dishes are washed, of course.

Happy Thanksgiving!




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