Soul & Surf

​It is incredible to me what one random act of kindness can do for the soul…

I have had a crazy busy day, the kind of crazy that overwhelms and prevents you from getting anything completed. I am blessed with a project that is dear to me, but the devil is in the details and those details have a looming deadline. 

So when I got home, I decided I was going to give myself 5 mins to check on the Outrageously Ordinary page and smile over all your cutie pie pictures on Facebook before I got back to work. 

Enter the act of kindness…  I have a very large family, on both sides.  And they are incredible, on both sides.  But from 2,500 miles away, one of them made my day so much brighter.

Pete Harwood, thank you for the ear to ear smile and the amazing generosity!

I encourage you all to visit to see the beautiful work of beautiful person! (Click picture for direct link)





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