Sans (Quint)Essentials

​That moment when you desperately pull every article of clothing out of your perfectly packed suitcase because you are positive you packed underwear for both the kids AND yourself for this trip.



It was pointed out to me that I had three options:

1. Spend my time away going commando (sans underwear).  The basic flaw with this is the wind and the dress I brought to wear.  If there was any kind of Marilyn Monroe moment, my family (and quite a few strangers) would have gotten to know me a little too well. 

2. Squeeze these hips and toush into my little girl’s flower power pair and hope for the best. I know there are worse things, but having the elastic in your underwear break at a family function and then having to waddle to the bathroom to rectify the situation is no one’s good day.  

3. Google Map the nearest Walmart and get a nice pair of cotton granny panties to tide me over.  Problem there, I discovered my little predicament mere minutes before attending the previously mentioned family function.  No time for a shopping spree.

Much like the presidential election, there really was no good plan.  So what’s a girl to do?

I don’t know whether to be thrilled that I fit into my daughter’s pair, sad that she’s old enough for that to be an option or worried that I have absolutely lost my mind. 

Who forgets to pack that?!




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