Lunchbox Time Warp

Why is it that packing lunch for the kids takes 5 minutes if I do it the night before, but if I wait until the morning to pack it, it sucks 30-45 minutes from the already tight schedule?

I try to do it the night before but sometimes I just can’t… sometimes I’m just too tired… sometimes adding one more task to my day is just too much to think about and for the sake of everyone around me, I just need to sit down or, God forbid, go to bed early without finishing my chores.

And in my head, the same line always repeats… “It will be alright, I’ll get up early and do it.”


I already get up early, any earlier and there would be no point in laying down in the first place.images-2.jpg.jpg

At night, the lunch options seem to jump from the pantry and land in the lunchboxes magically. They are healthy, well chosen, well packed, and well, perfect.

In the morning… the game changes and we enter survival mode. The sandwich may have had something in it, but after being thrown in the box it is now a “deconstructed sandwich”. The Food Network shows them all the time, just eat it.

The box of raisins you didn’t eat yesterday and smashed to see what the inside looks like will taste the same as a new box, just eat it.

20160928_193746.jpgThe to-go box of Chinese we had the other night still smells alright and you said you liked it Monday, just eat it.

The sweet note I took my time writing yesterday describing how much I love you, how proud I am of you and what a blessing you are to my life… yeah, all of that applies today, read it again.

So I start my day in a rush and swear not to procrastinate tonight.

But now I’m home after a long day and the bed is taunting me with promises of coziness and quiet.

I’ll just rest my eyes a while…




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