I Was Targeted Today

Today is my wedding anniversary.  Very many years ago I walked down the aisle with a cathedral train, a painted face, one million bobby pins in my hair, a garter on my leg, my bags packed for Hawaii and rose colored glasses that saw nothing but sunshine and rainbows…dscn0130

Even though we are not together anymore, this isn’t an awful day for me.  It was a wonderful weekend with all of my favorite people in one (ball)room and those that weren’t there were watching from Heaven.  I think back on it with fondness… except for the awful photographer who ate more food than the (sub-standard) pictures he took, and brought his wife who took a seat right next to him and ate the lamb right with him…  and the dj who showed up an hour late, drunk and without any of the music we discussed… or the pastor who pulled me from the reception (as the speeches were starting) to get his payment because he didn’t feel like staying, but not before he signed the wrong date on our marriage license… the list goes on… but for real, it actually gets worse.  A story for another day.

Even though it’s not a sad day for me, I wanted to get out of the house and do something with the kids.  We decided to go to the Raleigh Farmers Market for lunch and see what we saw.  There were pumpkins of every size, shape, color and texture, children off their electronics trying new foods, and people working hard to grow something from nothing.  I love it.

I still needed some chicken to make dinner though, so we stopped at Target for a quick trip… have you ever been to Target for a quick trip?

There is something pumped through the air vents that reduces the speed of your cart, which in turn, allows their merchandise to catch your eye, which in turn, is put in your cart, which in turn, slows your cart down even more, which in turn, allows the merchandise to catch your eye even more, which in turn, causes you to lose track of the reason you’re there.

So my quick trip to Target for chicken cost me $200 and that didn’t even include chicken.  We had spaghetti tonight.

I was definitely Targeted today.



One thought on “I Was Targeted Today

  1. Mama Deb September 25, 2016 / 12:40 am

    You are awesome! That’s the way to keep your chin up and keep right on strutting your stuff! Even though the rose colored honey is gone.. Great things came from it! You have to delightfully beautiful children 😎🌻🌻😊

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