Photoshop in real life

The fun continues in the world of being me… I stopped to get dinner after working late. While in line, minding my own business, a friend of a friend recognizes me and says hello. We talk while moving up in line until I’m on deck to order my tacos. I say “it was nice running into you”, and he says, “You know, you look different than your FB picture.” I’m caught off guard because we’re not FB friends. Before I can question it, he follows with a pat to my shoulder and says “too bad photoshopwe can’t have photoshop in real life, huh?” … are you freaking kidding me?! Must we say every little thing that pops in our head? I nearly had a come-apart! I have been up since 5:45am, it’s 7:30pm and I still haven’t eaten lunch. I just want my Chipotle happy place and my favorite fat pants. I am very aware that I’m not enjoying any kind of pageant moment – gravity has taken hold of my eyeliner and the rain/humidity have created some kind of paradox with my hair so it’s wet but growing larger by the minute. My point is not that I am offended, it’s that my patience with filter-less people expired today. The name of the ignorant will not be given, but I think we should all say a quick prayer for his future because he’s going to say something like that to a woman who isn’t exhausted one day and catch a swift kick to the berries… and that’s nobody’s good day.

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