Day time TV snack

While sporty spice is away at basketball camp, I get the pleasure of spending all day with the wee one. It’s been fun giving him my full attention and listening to the (very) many thoughts a 6 year old has on life, love, politics, etc. The sense of humor and well-timed sarcasm in this kid just warms a mother’s heart.

With that said, I’d like to send a big thanks to ABC and their new game show Match Game. The commercial includes a bit about edible underwear and I’ve now spent 2 hours with a giggling 6 year old who thinks the concept is hysterical and wants to know what flavor I would pick.daytime snack

I finally caved and chose watermelon. What’s better than watermelon in the summer? The little guy narrowed it down to cotton candy. Oy.

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